About ArtMagenta

My name is Ulf Andersson also known on the web as Artmagenta. I'm a digital artist and illustrator from Sweden. I do cartoons, caricatures, people sketches, urban sketches and bird sketches. I share my drawings on a couple of blogs. You find them all viahttp://ArtMagenta.com

My artwork is mostly about people, social relationships and behaviors, which I express in the small text that I provide with each drawing. Obvious examples of this can be found in my blogs:http://everydayportrait.blogspot.com and http://gesturedrawing.blogspot.com

I'm also interested in birds and birdwatching / birding and consequently have a blog where I draw birds: http://bird-of-the-day.blogspot.com

I am also a software developer and have developed operating systems for minicomputers and I have made web applications since the birth of the Web in 1993.
As a web developer, I am particularly interested in, and I am closely following, what happens with social media on the web.

ArtMagenta on the web

ArtMagenta.com http://artmagenta.com
Everyday Sketches http://ulfandersson.blogspot.com
Croquis/Life drawings http://wulfcroquis.blogspot.com
Gesture drawings http://gesturedrawing.blogspot.com
Caricatures http://everydayportrait.blogspot.com
Portfolio http://artmagenta.blogspot.com
Bird of the Day http://bird-of-the-day.blogspot.com/

Contact with ArtMagenta

To avoid spamming I do not show my email adress on the web. In stead please contact me on my contact-page

Permission to use my artwork


I only allow my artwork to be used in layouts if my website link (ArtMagenta.com) is visible on the image being used. Please contact me on my contact-page before using my artwork in a website layout so that I can indicate whether I approve of its use or not.

Avatars and icons

I do not allow for my artwork to be used in avatars or icons unless “ArtMagenta.com” is visible on the actual avatar or icon.


Using my artwork as a reference is not a problem. It is only fair to link to the image you used as a reference and provide proper credit (with a link to ArtMagenta.com).

Personal use

Using my image as your desktop wallpaper, printing out a small version for yourself, or any other small-scale personal use is perfectly fine. Please just don’t sell my art or claim it as your own.

Website or blog features

I am always happy to have my artwork featured on your journal, blog or website. Feel free to post my images with a link back to ArtMagenta.com.

Contact with ArtMagenta

Please contact me on my contact-page